By Retired Shrimp Blue Warrior

Jan 12, 2024

On January 7, 2024, as the students of Wu-style Taijiquan gathered to celebrate the New Year's Day, they marked a special double happiness occasion – the 80th birthday celebration of Master Li Weiming, the sixth-generation successor of Wu-style Taijiquan, and the formally acceptance ceremony of new students in Shanghai. Despite the biting cold winter, the teacher and brothers arrived early, including those who living outside Shanghai, specifically to celebrate Master Li's birthday and witness the acceptance ceremony.


Joyfully, we engaged in conversations, exchanging the learning experiences we had with Master Li over the years, expressing admiration for his exquisite Taijiquan skills. Mrs. Yu Yueqin, Master Li's wife, in particular, radiated happiness today; her face was rosy, her spirit soaring, and her shared in the joy.


In 1993, Master Li was invited to teach Wu-style Taijiquan in Thailand, where he remained until officially returning to live in China in 2014. During his more than 20 years in Thailand, he taught thousands of students, officially accepting hundreds. With his dedication, he significantly promoted Wu-style Taijiquan in Thailand and actively spread traditional Chinese culture.




Master Li's original intention in returning to China, his motherland, was to continue promoting Wu-style Taijiquan, hoping to teach and train more students and foster new apprentices. The acceptance ceremony, a culmination of his efforts, began officially at 11:38 am. Six accepted students are:

- Liang Weiji (2012)

- Shi Weiliang (2013)

- Hu Jiaji (2014)

- Jin Tairong (2015)

- Zong Qingshi (2015)

- Ying Honglei (2018)


These individuals have diligently studied Wu-style Taijiquan under Master Li for many years and are deeply passionate about their practice. Today, they have the honor of formally becoming entry disciples. Ancient Chinese tradition places high regard for teachers and values the path they guide. Throughout the ceremony, the disciples were meticulous in their worship, reflecting profound respect, love, and gratitude towards their master and his wife. This also highlighted their devotion to Wu-style Taijiquan. Master Li and his wife expressed approval and encouragement to each disciple, urging them to dedicate more effort to mastering Wu-style Taijiquan. They emphasized the importance of collectively passing down this treasure of Chinese culture to benefit future generations.



Afterward, we come together to celebrate the 80th birthday of Master Li. We present the birthday cake, light the candles, and extend heartfelt birthday wishes, praying for the pure and unbridled health and longevity of Master Li, and wishing for the continued happiness. Students raise their glasses to toast the teachers, pouring in blessings akin to the vastness of the East China Sea and the serenity of Nanshan mountain. Even though Master Li doesn't usually indulge in drinking, today he is particularly joyful and joins everyone for a few small cups. The banquet hall resonates with laughter and clinking glasses, creating a warm and familial atmosphere. The camaraderie is reminiscent of a big family, making the celebration truly special.

Finally, everyone gathered for a group photo to capture this joyous and beautiful moment, signifying the conclusion of our meeting. Even though each of us will soon follow our individual paths, there is a shared anticipation of future reunions. It is the mutual respect and dedication to the art and essence of Wu-style Taijiquan that binds us together across diverse professions, ages, and regions. Let's value the gratitude we share and wish for continued mutual support. May we persist in maintaining our collective faith.