Wu (Hao) Tai Chi Quan

Wu (Hao) Taichiquan was one of the five main styles of Taichiquan; Chen, Yang, Wu(Hao), Wu and Sun.

The movement of Wu (Hao) style Taichiquan emphasizes simplicity and conciseness. During the movement, all parts of the body move smoothly and continuously without disruption. It strictly focuses on fineness and delicacy, careful attention in small detail. Head and torso must be kept erect. Feet move gently but fluently. Every move goes on slowly. Mind must be calm and concentrated. The mind must be trained so that it becomes capable of controlling the movement of internal Qi. The movement of internal Qi in turn induces the entire external movement of hands and legs. The interchange of internal voidness and fullness in all postures, the integration of the torso, and the ability to unleash the internal power and use it for self-defense are the major unique characteristics of Wu (Hao) style Taichiquan. In a scientific sense, Wu style Taichiquan incorporates the knowledge of martial arts, Tao-In (the knowledge of moving internal Qi into all parts of the body), science of arts, medical science, physics of dynamics, the knowledge of chiropractic, and Chinese philosophy.

Though Wu (Hao) style Taichiquan is an ancient art, it is still considerably and surprisingly new. It is simple and beautiful as a fighting art in terms of attack and defense and yet is still unique in the enhancing good health, longevity, as well as cultivating good mind.

Practicing Wu (Hao) style Taichiquan will nourish the central nervous system and keep it in good health, has a good effect on heart, strengthens the cardio-vascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, the secretory system, muscles and bones, and helps improve all joints to be able to move fluently. Moreover, it has proved to be effective in straightening the spinal column, and thus prevents or cures the relative sickness that results from its malformation and misalignment. A person who suffers from bent spine will find the practice of Wu(Hao) Taichi useful in straightening the spine and taking away the pain. Essentially, Wu style Taichiquan will balance Yin and Yang, enhances the growth of internal Qi, and facilitates the ease of Qi flowing throughout the body.

Wu style Taichiquan is therefore the best for everyone regardless of gender and age. There is no restriction as to where one may practice. The benefits are always there for all practitioners to enjoy.

The association of Wu (Hao) style Taichiquan of Thailand