Master Li Wei Ming created 10 sets of Qigong exercise to develop good body and health. Most people who start their Taichiquan lesson for the very first time would be advised to practice these basic Qigong before starting their Taichiquan.


10 Sets of Qigong for good health

1. 站桩功 (zhang zuang gong) a standing posture Qigong practicing to sink down Qi, calm down mind and relax both body and mind.


2. 霸王举鼎 (ba wang ju dian) the second Qigong exercise for good blood and Qi circulation, improving heart condition.



3. 左右车轮 (zuo you qer len) the third Qigong exercise for improving lung and respiratory system



4. 犀牛望月 (shi neu wang rie) the fourth Qigong exercise strengthens shoulder joints, heals and relieves people form back pain, shoulder pain, those who are unable to lift their arms.



5. 左右仙鹤点头 (zuo you xian her dian tuo) the fifth Qigong exercise heals and relieves neck bones and nerves.



6. 凤凰旋窝 (fong huang xian ao) the sixth Qigong exercise that heals kidney and knees.



7. 鲤鱼摆尾 (li you bai wei) the seventh Qigong exercise that heals and relieves waist pain and re-adjust or straighten the spine.



8. 左右仙人抛球 (zuo you xian ren pao qui) the eighth Qigong exercise heals the secretory system, the urinary system and alimentary canal.



9. 左右怀中抱月 (zuo you kai zuang bao rei) the ninth Qigong exercise heals stomach and intestine, and keep them functioning well.



10. 乌龙闹海 (wu dong nao hai) the tenth Qigong exercise for healing intestine and alimentary canal.